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Welcome to the home page of the GAMOS Project

7th GAMOS Online Course:

13th February to 17th March, 2023

GAMOS is a GEANT4-based framework that is at the same time easy-to-use and flexible.

The comprehensive scripting language makes it easy to implement the most common requirements of a Medical Physics application, without any need of C++ coding.

The plug-in technology, together with a careful modular design, a detailed documentation and a set of examples and tutorials that explain in detail how to extend the framework in different directions allows to exploit the full flexibility of GEANT4, by creating new user code or by reusing any piece of GEANT4 code and mixing it seamlessly with the existing GAMOS components.

Thanks to its big flexibility, already a sensible fraction of the over 2,500 GAMOS users work in other fields than medical physics. If this is your case we recommend you to have a look at the 'Histogram and Scorer tutorial'

In summary, by using GAMOS you will be able to carry your GEANT4-based simulation in an easy way without C++ coding and at the same time you will have the flexibility of using any of the GEANT4 components and mix with or substitute the GAMOS components.

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