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GAMOS 5.1.0

- Get installation scripts (right-click and save)

- To uncompress the installation scripts, type in your Linux terminal:

./download_scripts.sh; cd scripts
(in some systems you have to type 'source ./download_scripts.sh;', or 'sh ./download_scripts.sh;')

- To install GAMOS, type in your terminal:

./installGamos.sh MY_DIR

(where MY_DIR is the directory where you want GAMOS to be installed, e.g. $HOME/gamos)
NOTE: the directory name has to be an absolute path, i.e. starting with '/'. '$HOME' is OK because it means '/home/.....'

- This will download all the files, check that you have a proper Linux setup and compile Geant4, ROOT and GAMOS (it will probably take a few hours...)

- Read the GAMOS User's Guide for details on how to run GAMOS

We recommend you to do yourself one of the tutorials after installation

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