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GAMOS 6.0.0

You can download the image files of a VMWARE virtual machine containing Ubuntu 18.04.1 with GAMOS.6.0.0 installed.

Follow this procedure:

- Install for free VMWARE Workstation Player from here

- Download all files one by one the files from here.
Or use the script at download_vmware.bat. Before executing this script, you need to install the utility wget. You can download it from example from wget.exe. Copy it to the directory you like and change its location at the first line of this script.
- After all files have been downloaded put them all in one directory, and unzip them.

- Open VMWARE Workstation Player. Click on "Open a Virtual Machine" and navigate to the directory where you have copied the downloaded files.

- Once the file is powered on, you can log in with user=gamos password=gamos600 . You will get a session with a terminal opened where you can work with GAMOS

We recommend you to do yourself one of the tutorials after installation

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