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GAMOS 6.1.0

You can download the image file of a VirtualBox virtual machine containing Ubuntu 18.04.1 with GAMOS.6.1.0 installed.

Follow this procedure:

- Install for free VirtualBox from here

- Download the virtual machine from from here.

- Open VirtualBox. Click on "File", "Import appliance" and look for the file you have downloaded.

- Once the file is powered on, you can log in with user=gamos password=gamos610 . Open a terminal clicking on the icon at the left panel. Or, if you prefer to work with the GAMOS GUI, open a file explorer and double-click on the file /home/gamos/gamos/GAMOS.6.1.0/gui/GamosUI.jar

We recommend you to do yourself one of the tutorials after installation

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