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GAMOS 6.2.0

The first thing you have to do to install GAMOS is to decide which is the installation directory, what we call here <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>, which can be for example c:\gamos

- Download the installation script installGamos.bat , move it to the directory where you want to install GAMOS and execute it. !! Be careful because some Web browser change the extension to be .bat.txt, and therefore Windows will not execute it. If this happens simply rename it back to installGamos.bat Alternatively you may download and unzip the three files: But if you opt for this, you have to make sure that the files end in the correct directories: check for example that you can find the directories <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>\GAMOS.6.2.0\gui, <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>\external\geant4\data\G4NDL.4.6 and <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>\external\geant4\geant4.10.06.p02.gamos\lib.

- To run GAMOS you may do it with the GAMOS Graphical User Interface, which will be at <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>\GAMOS.6.2.0\gui. Just open the Java file (you need to have Java installed) GamosUI.jar. Alternatively you can install GAMOS as the Windows program GamosGUI using the executable file GamosUI.exe that you can find in the same directory. Read the GAMOSGUI.doc document also in the same directory for further details on how to use the GAMOS Graphical User Interface.
- If you prefer to use GAMOS from a MS-DOS Command prompt window, you just have to execute the configuration file each time you open a new window: <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>\GAMOS.6.2.0\config\ . Make sure first that the first variable GAMOSDIR is set to <MY_INSTALLATION_DIR>. After this, you can run gamos <MY_INPUT_FILE>

- Read the GAMOS User's Guide for further details on how to run GAMOS

We recommend you to do yourself one of the tutorials after installation

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